Following, are Alberta commercial fish farms that operate U-fish ventures. This means they allow fishing opportunities on their property for a fee. Most often, the fee to fish is based on a flat rate and/or the size of fish caught. Many U-fish operators have a "keep everything you catch" rule to prevent release mortalities. Rainbow trout are the most commonly stocked fish.

Anglers at these private Fee-fishing ponds do not require a Provincial Sportfishing licence. However, when transporting fish from a U-fish, they must be able to produce a receipt detailing the date, quantity and species of fish being transported, the fish culture licence number and a signature.

As it becomes more costly and difficult to find good wild fishing opportunities, U-fish farms, with easy access, affordable fees and high success rates are becoming more and more popular. These spots are particularly attractive for visiting tourists or children, wanting to catch their very first fish. Call ahead for details, as many of these U-fish farmers will have rental equipment, supplies, camping facilities or other activities which can add to a great day or weekend in the outdoors.


U-Fish Operators


Bill Otto

Dixonville, AB

Ph. (780) 971-2412

Rainbow trout