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The following is a list of memberships available with the AAA:

 Associate Member ($10/year)

Intended for the recreational fish culturist. You will receive information in an annual newsletter about upcoming workshops and conferences. Increased membership strengthens the AAAs ability to promote the industry. You have the opportunity to attend the AAA Annual Meeting as a non-voting member. Initial signup includes an AAA fridge magnet and a list of AAA commercial members.

Full Member ($100/year)

Intended for commercial fish farmers in Alberta. This membership includes full voting privileges at the Annual Meeting. This allows you to vote for, or run as, a Director on the Executive. The AAA Executive will act on your behalf to represent and promote the aquaculture industry in Alberta. Membership includes advertising on the AAA website and a link to your website if you have one.

Corporate Member ($250/yr)

This membership is intended for companies who are not necessarily farmers of fish, but sell equipment or provide services related to the fish farming industry. As a corporate member, you will be provided with a listing of all members of the AAA who have agreed to allow their contact information to be released. You will be able to attend the Annual Meeting. This membership does not include voting privileges.

Educational Institution ($250/yr)

Intended for educational institutions where there are multiple users. Individual memberships will not be required, only an affiliation with the educational institution (staff or student) will be required. Your website can be linked to the AAA website. Those affiliated with the member institution have the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting. This membership does not include voting privileges.  

2013 Alberta Aquaculture Association (AAA) Membership Form

All 2013 Memberships expire April 1, 2014

Associate Member        $10.00 (enclose)          Corporate Member        $250 (enclose)                        Renewal           

Full Member                 $100.00 (enclose)        Educational Institution    $250 (enclose)                        New Member   

Can your name be provided to our corporate members in order to inform you of products or services they offer to the aquaculture industry?  Yes       No   

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________

 Company Name (If Applicable)  ____________________________________________________________


 Phone # ____________________________________Fax #___________________________________

 E-mail _________________   Web Site (Full Members)__________________________________

 Please send all membership forms to:     

Alberta Aquaculture Association

Dan Menard, Treasurer
RR 1, Site 3, Box 26
Red Deer, AB
T4N 5E1
Phone: (403) 342-5206
Fax (403) 342-2646

                       Make cheques payable to the Alberta Aquaculture Association